Answered Prayer – 6/1/17

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers on my behalf.  The Lord is already answering prayers and I wanted to take a moment to share with you one particular instance that occurred this week.

Tacoma_1The issue of selling my truck has sat at that back of my mind since this process began. I knew I would need to sell it, but I wasn’t quite sure how that would work out. What I owed seemed to me more than someone would pay up front for a used car. Further, the timing of the sale was sticky; how do I get to work after I sell it?

I received a phone call from the dealership on yesterday (6/1/17). They are running low of pre-owned stock of my particular truck and wanted to know if I would consider selling it back to them. After work I dashed to the dealership and received an appraisal for the truck which would not only nullify the debt I owe, but would also give me some cash to put toward my move. Further, due to the proximity of my move, the dealership advised that I keep the truck for the remainder of my time here, the end of which they will gladly buy the truck back.

I left the dealership with a tremendous burden lifted; my most formidable hurdle has a solution. It is incredible to see the result of the Lord working behind the scenes. The doors to Kyiv are truly being opened in ways I can’t orchestrate.

Thanks be to the Lord for He is good.

Thank you for your prayers this week. I can’t wait to tell you how He answers in the future!



2 thoughts on “Answered Prayer – 6/1/17

  1. Of course the dealership called and asked for your truck back and the opportunity to hand you some extra cash on your timeline. Happens all the time!


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