Meditations – Year One, Pt. 1


These doubts and fears that troubled me were born of my infirmity; Though I am weak, God is most high, and on His goodness I rely; Of all His wonders I will tell, and on His deeds my thoughts shall dwell.

Verse 5, To God Will I Direct My Prayer (#145), 1959 Psalter Hymnal

Year one is complete. In a few days, I will begin the 19 hour trek home.

It’s surreal in many ways, not least of which is how quickly 10 months flew by. Chiefly, it feels like I am leaving home all over again. I love Ukrainians and their country and I am thrilled beyond succinct expression to live here among them. Ukraine is in my blood. Continue reading


Of Home-time and Fundraising

old-1130743_1920Thank you for making it possible for me to be here on the field. What a year it has been! I am exceedingly grateful for each penny of your support. Through your support, I was able to help 14 students learn English, strengthen academic weaknesses, grow in confidence through therapy, and grapple with academic and social anxiety. Outside of school, I taught a Biblical theology college course, and assisted with two English club outreach groups. Continue reading