Intentions – Year One, Pt. 3


I thought I knew what hospitality was.

What I really knew was dinner parties and game nights. Of course, these things are a form of hospitality, but they aren’t the bread and butter of it. They meet a need of relaxation and fellowship, but I have learned that they aren’t the heart of hospitality. Continue reading


Meditations – Year One, Pt. 1


These doubts and fears that troubled me were born of my infirmity; Though I am weak, God is most high, and on His goodness I rely; Of all His wonders I will tell, and on His deeds my thoughts shall dwell.

Verse 5, To God Will I Direct My Prayer (#145), 1959 Psalter Hymnal

Year one is complete. In a few days, I will begin the 19 hour trek home.

It’s surreal in many ways, not least of which is how quickly 10 months flew by. Chiefly, it feels like I am leaving home all over again. I love Ukrainians and their country and I am thrilled beyond succinct expression to live here among them. Ukraine is in my blood. Continue reading

Of Home-time and Fundraising

old-1130743_1920Thank you for making it possible for me to be here on the field. What a year it has been! I am exceedingly grateful for each penny of your support. Through your support, I was able to help 14 students learn English, strengthen academic weaknesses, grow in confidence through therapy, and grapple with academic and social anxiety. Outside of school, I taught a Biblical theology college course, and assisted with two English club outreach groups. Continue reading

ITEM Update – January 2018

IMG_4279 2During the week of January 22, I had the privilege to teach on behalf of ITEM once again. Each day after work, I made my way 45 minutes south by taxi and taught for two-and-a-half hours and made the 90 minute trek back home. The class began with 16 students on Monday and by Friday, it had grown to 22.

Our topic was the Kingdom of God in Scripture and over the course of the week, students observed the covenantal structure of Scripture, God’s unified redemptive plan worked out in the covenants, and saw how all of Scripture is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Many students commented that this course was providential for them since they often hear the argument that God changed in His dealings with man when we moved from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

IMG_4266Each night also contained elements where all of us were amazed at God’s Grace; we often rejoiced at what we beheld in Scripture despite Israel’s unfaithfulness and marveled at the hope we have despite our own. Apart from personal encouragement, students learned how biblical theology answers the false teachings which have popped up in Kyiv recently. It was a true joy to work with this class and see their desires to know more of Scripture so that they can give an answer for the hope that lies within them. Pray that the work of KRBC would continue to produce rich fruit. Pray that it would spark a vibrant and energetic faith among the churches in Ukraine.

Thank you for your continually gracious support which enables me to be here in order to work with students with learning disabilities and equip other believers in Ukraine!