Care Package Shipment

Please Read Carefully

*For an address, please contact me.

Preliminary Notes

  1. Do not use UPS, FedEx, or DHL to send me packages internationally.
    1. These items are often looted at customs, or in the case of UPS, are held in a warehouse instead of delivered and I would be charged ‘rent’ every day it sat in the warehouse.
  2. You can ship via USPS. It tends to run a bit more pricey than the following option and takes 2-4 weeks to reach me.
  3. The most efficient, secure, and customs pleasing way to ship items to me will be through a company called: Meest. Here’s the rough process:
    1. Create an account with Meest
    2. Box up items and address them to the New Jersey warehouse (Address located at the top right of your Meest Account Dashboard)
      1. To do this, you must have pre-printed Fed-Ex labels through Meest
    3. Add a purchase through your dashboard and supply Meest with the tracking number. Also, fill out the required customs information. They will notify you when the package has arrived at their warehouse.
      1. Customs Example: Clothes, $50.
    4. Create a ‘shipment’ and select whether it will be delivered via ship or plane.
    5. Once the package has arrived in NJ, add the package to your shipment.
    6. They weigh it and repackage it if necessary (or you choose), and send you an invoice for the estimated shipping cost.
    7. Once the shipping cost is paid, the package is loaded on a boat or plane and shipped (4-6 weeks for boat, 4-6 days for plane).
    8. Meest delivers it to my door (or the school).

As for specific custom regulations, abide by the following:

  • Maximum weight of a package to Ukraine – 100 lbs
  • Minimum chargeable weight – 10 lbs
  • Maximum value of goods one may ship to a recipient in Ukraine without having to pay additional import duty is 150 EUR if the total weight of the shipment for one recipient does not exceed 110lbs.
  • Every package is insured with the company for $60.00. This insurance is provided free of charge. Any additional insurance will cost 5% of the insured value.
  • The cost of shipping is charged based on a regular weight of a package or a dimensional weight if the last one is greater. The following is a formula for a dimensional weight – (L in x W in x H in )/139 (international)

Click here for important weight, value, and shipping cost information.

Here are answers to more precise questions you may have.

Regarding Amazon and Online Stores

If you plan to make a purchase through Amazon or another online store, you can skip the step of shipping the package to yourself then shipping it to New Jersey. Rather, you can ship directly to Meest from Amazon and other such sites, which saves you money on an additional leg of shipping.

When buying products, please, address them to our [Meest] warehouse indicating in the address of the recipient (ship to: or delivery address) a 6-digit number of your personal account (client ID), which you will receive after registration.

For this option, here is a sample address:

Your first name and last
600 Markley Street, suite (Your account #)
Port Reading, NJ 07064