First, thank you for clicking on this page. Obviously, I cannot teach in Ukraine without a salary and by clicking on this tab, you have taken the first step in changing the life of a student in Ukraine! Thank you!

Second, every gift and pledge is crucial. From parents and family, to friends and acquaintances, each gift ensures that a child receives the educational therapy they need in order to become successfully independent student in the classroom. Success in the classroom turns into a confident elementary, middle school, or high school person poised to continue as a flourishing adult.

Third, your gift assists missionaries already on the field in Kyiv. Since I will be teaching in a missionary school, your commitment means that the tuition for those families is kept as low as possible, thereby making Christ-centered schooling possible. Further, since I will be working with ELL and special education students, parents of those students will have a long-awaited lifeline to aid their struggling children.

Think of it. Through your gifts, you are not only helping the student involved in therapy, but you are encouraging, refreshing, and answering the prayers of missionaries already on the field. Its like double-dipping in missions involvement!

Finally, the need is urgent. As you may have read in The Road Thus Far, Kyiv opened rapidly. Since I need to be in Kyiv by mid-August 2017, the window to raise funds is quite short, compared to missionaries who may spend a year on the task. Beyond that, I will need to raise support each year I teach at Kyiv Christian Academy.

Now, let’s talk details. How do you go about partnering in this work?

Using any of the following methods, you can give monthly or as you have ability.

  1. By far the most convenient and consistent method is Electronic Fund Transfer where your specified gift is withdrawn every month. You will need to fill out an EFT form for Resourcing Christian Education International and send it to the PO Box on the form. (click Electronic Fund Transfer above to print out the form)
  2. You may choose to write a Check, in which case you would send it in along with a Commitment Card that has all of my information. Important: If you write a check, it must be made out to Resourcing Christian Education International with my account number in the Memo; not my name. If you make the check out to me, RCE cannot accept it and you won’t be able to deduct it from your taxes.
    1. Account Number: 07926
    2. For a commitment card, click ‘Commitment Card’ in the above paragraph.
  3. You can also give through Credit Card via the Resourcing Christian Education website. Please note that an additional 3% service fee will be applied to your gift per the credit card company.

Thank you for your support and commitment to the people of Kyiv, Ukraine. Those who support me through RCE will receive monthly specialized updates that are not featured on this blog.

I can’t wait to being regularly sharing how the Lord is working in the school and through the churches there!

With all fervently humble gratitude,